Hotel occupancy falls to 30% due to COVID-19

EYEAFRICA TV: Kampala, Uganda: Hotel and tourism stakeholders have met again to assess the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their business.

This development comes after a drastic increase in booking cancellations for both tourism sites and Hotels which are now at an average of 20% occupancy around the country.

Just as expected, the COvid-19 pandemic is starting to bite hard the Hotel and hospitality industry, thereby negatively affecting all other sectors that benefit from the value chain.

Most hotels in Kampala normally average their occupancy between 60-80%, however, occupancy levels as of last week have dropped to an average of 25% per hotel, with some recording even less than 10%.

Food suppliers, tour and travel companies, and Tourism hotspots have all recorded significant cancellations for orders and bookings in that regard.

The Hoteliers and tourism operators are now compiling statistical records of the pandemic’s effects on the sector before presenting their case to government to intervene.

Uganda has over 3,800 hotels spread around the country, with the sector employing over 1,173,000 direct jobs. As a measure to minimize losses, the hotel owners have also suggested to engage labor Unions and the ministry of Gender, Labor and social development to find means to scale down and rotate their workers while having them on leave.

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