Hospital, experts join hands to help newborn baby recover from coronavirus infection

EYEAFRICA TV: Deyang City, Southwest China: A newborn baby who was infected with the novel coronavirus in southwest China’s Sichuan Province have recovered and discharged from hospital on Thursday thanks to the joint efforts from the hospital and health experts from across the province.

The newborn baby, whose surname is Xia, developed respiratory symptoms on Feb. 20 at his home in Sichuan’s Deyang City when he was only 46 days old.

Xia was believed to have been infected by his grandmother, who was receiving isolation treatment at the time after she tested positive for the virus.

The hospital confirmed Xia as a high-risk patient as newborn babies are one of the most vulnerable groups to the threat of the virus.

“He is too young and his immune system is relatively weak, so he could probably end up in a critical condition. Moreover, some medical operations are hard to carry out on him, for example blood test,” said Deng Quanmin, director of the pediatric department of Deyang People’s Hospital.

During Xia’s admission, the hospital’s doctors from different clinics, including the departments of pediatrics, obstetrics, infectious diseases and nursing, jointly worked out a treatment plan to cure him.

Meanwhile, the nurses from the hospital’s pediatric department were on hand around-the-clock to closely watch Xia’s health conditions.

Health experts from across the province also weighed in to offer their consultations via 5G-powered video conferences.

“We attended a video conference convened by the Health Commission of Sichuan Province on the second day of this child’s admission. Other attendees included the pediatric experts from the West China Hospital of Sichuan University and Sicuhan Provincial Hospital for Women and Children,” said Deng.

The experts worked out a peer-reviewed and optimized treatment solution for Xia after rounds of discussions.

On Thursday, the expert panel conducted an assessment on Xia’s health conditions and concluded that he was recovered from novel coronavirus infection by the National Health Commission’s standards.

Xia was discharged from the hospital at 18:00 on Thursday.

He is currently placed under a 14-day quarantine with special care for medical observation.

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