Home grown solutions for home grown problems, is Gambian intelligentsia endangered?

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: For honour, for country, for pride. That’s how great patriots honour and work for their country. A country cannot thrive without its intelligentsia and it is the intellectual class of this great nation call The Gambia, who will propel the new ideas and ideology that will usher in the dawn of a new day for our beloved country, The Gambia.
I am disheartened and saddened by the fact that our government, your government prefers to work with non-Gambians to proffer solutions to Gambian ailments. I have great respect and admiration for Mr. Moubarack Lô, a renowned and eminent Senegalese economist of great standing but as intelligent as he is, he doesn’t have the solutions to our economic woes. Equally, Tony Blair may be a well-traveled personality with good academic background but he lacks the understanding to fix Gambian ailments.
Where is the dignity? Where is the pride that we the people must have in developing our country? Gambia will be developed by Gambians and Gambians alone. Our development can’t be outsourced to outsiders to come and fix this nation of ours. This great nation of ours boast of credible sons and daughters who can be flag bearers, pacesetters and beacons of hope to usher in the dispensation we call the #NewGambia. If the drivers of the New Gambia don’t have hope and confidence in the intellectual class of Gambians, then this society is doomed to fail.
Once again my fellow compatriots, I wish and do hope that our government will have a revisit on such a stance of not promoting our intelligentsia. Yes, people do make mistakes, yes people often take decisions that are haphazard and I do hope this was one of those few mistakes taken by this administration.
To err is human. Therefore, reflecting and changing such a decision should be of utmost importance to this administration if they feel like Gambian intelligentsia are worth their grain of salt. What I am seeing and what is being manifested in terms of down grading Gambian intelligentsia shows utter disregard for our aptitude, our knowhow and our determination to build a new Gambia collectively with the political class. We the intelligentsia cannot direct or shape policy without the endorsement and collaboration of our politicians.
Our national mantra should be “Gambian solutions to Gambian ailments.” Has thou forsaken us to the point that we hardly see good in ourselves? Gambians are celebrated the world over both in the international development arena and in foras yet still we can’t see the lustre and value in our own kin and kindred. Our case is one of pity and I do hope we wake up from our slumber and complex we suffer from. We are good enough to be rated as global development practitioners. Why can’t our government see that in US? Yes, familiarity often times breeds contempt but this is becoming excessive.
I am yet to see a European country that has called upon outsiders to help them build their continent. Thanks but no thanks to the likes of Tony Blair. This is and must remain a Gambian affair.

By Nyang Njie

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