Health experts give assurances that male vasectomy does not affect a man’s health in any way

EYEAFRICA TV: Kigali, Rwanda: We found a man in Kicukiro District who underwent the procedure and he told us why he decided to do it, though he did not want us to reveal his identity.

Doublage (MAN):Name not given – Kicukiro Resident
“I told you that I have 4 children and there is an average of around 5 years between the times they were born because my wife was using family planning methods, but it caused her pain and I decided to have a vasectomy. She did not ask me to do it, it was my own decision and she agreed to it. With a few days after the procedure, I was completely fine again.”

We did find other men as well who decided that the surgery was the way to go after realizing that having too many children was not good and expecting their wives to carry the burden of family planning methods alone was not right.

However, others say vasectomies for men are not right because they may affect their ability to perform in the bedroom, a surprising misconception held by even women, and yet those who have had them, as well as medical experts say it is not true.

Doublage (MAN): Dr. Kenneth Ruzindana – Gynecologist
“The procedure just cuts and ties off the sperm tubes, but the body continues to produce all other hormones that make them men. The only thing different after that is that they cannot make a woman pregnant.”

In 2015; 15% of all women in Rwanda were practicing family planning, with 0.4% of men and 2.5% of women opting for permanent measures like vasectomies. Last year 1% of men opted for the method.

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