Harboring undocumented persons is threat to national revenue, immigration PRO says

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA:- The spokesperson of Gambia Immigration Department (GID), Chief Superintendent Mamanding S. Dibba, said harboring individuals with no proper documentation is illegal and threat to national peace and revenue.

Superintendent Dibba made the remarks as the Operation Zero Crime Taskforce briefed the media on its round two of the operations since its inception.

Proper documentation is seen as a challenge to non-Gambians in the country, as many migrate to make ends meets for their families in other countries.

In its second meeting with the press on their patrol activities, the security apparatus have apprehended 265 individuals from the 16th of April to 23rd of May 2021. Out of this figure, 88 people were arrested on lack of proper documentation.

“The existence of undocumented individuals in the country, does not only pose a security threat, but also it deprived us the much needed revenue,” Darboe said.

He continued: “You can imagine within the short space of time, these 88 people who were resident in the country without the prescribe documents, were asked to pay and regularize their stay in the country and that action have generated a revenue of over one hundred and 20 thousand dalasi so can you imagine how many, more are hanging elsewhere in the country and how much money to those people.”

Meanwhile, Superintendent Lamin Njie, spokesperson of the Gambia Police Force, said they have widen their scope of operations to look into crimes being committed by taxi drivers.

“Vehicle checkpoints are being mounted at various strategic places to ensure that we deal with an imagine situation which comes that are perpetuated by taxi drivers or drivers per say,” he revealed, noting that they are paying particular attention to spot checking which is done by the traffic department.

Out of the 265 individuals, 49 of them were not connected to any crime and were set free.

27 individuals arrested on drugs related crimes, 88 individuals on immigration related matters, while the remaining individuals were charged with criminal offences relating to going armed in public, breaking and stealing, possession of suspected stolen properties and traffic matters among others.

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