Government to introduce funded travel restrictions on October 1

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Stringent temporary restrictions will start to apply on all official external travels that would be funded by the Government of The Gambia on October 1, a letter signed by the country’s finance minister Mamburay Njie stated today.
This ban will remain effective for the rest of the 2018 fiscal year but would not be applicable on travels of essential statutory meetings.
Finance minister Njie has once told the National Assembly that the government spent over two hundred and thirty million dalasis on travel alone in the past six months.
He stated in the today letter, dispatched to all ministries, departments and government agencies that the new decision is necessitated by the overall fiscal slippages on travels and to ensure expenses are within the overall travel expenditure ceiling of the 2018 budget as approved by the National Assembly. “The measure is needed to free-up spending for social services such as education and health and to engender economic growth and macroeconomic stability.”
The restriction also applies to all non-subvented agencies, state own enterprises and Central Bank of The Gambia.
Minister Njie said it is part of the broader government efforts at fiscal consolidation across all levels of government. “This expanded scope will improve the financial position of all the relevant institutions to enable them to pay statutory tax payments and potential dividends to government, where applicable.”

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