ABS Confirm Government Re-opening Bakoteh Dumpsite

Director of Press and Public Relations at the Office of Gambia’s President Amie Bojang Sissoho (ABS) said in her third press briefing earlier today, that government have re-opened the Bakoteh dumpsite until when a site is identified.
Some weeks ago, the community of Bakoteh protested, asking Government to take immediate actions on the dumpsite. They claimed that the site was posting threats to their lives from hazards generated from it.
The State House press director also told journalists that following a stand-off between the Kanifing Municipal Council and the community of Bakoteh in connection to the dumping site there, Government has now made it clear that waste management in the municipality is entire the job of KMC.
She said some three months ago, some young people who called themselves Trusted Youth at Bakoteh closed the dumpsite but government has now re-opened the site until a new waste dumping site is identified.
Since the going of Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh into exile in Equatorial Guinea following his defeat by President Barrow last January, Gambia continues to taste bitter times of protests.
Four months ago, some communities in Foni protested at former President Jammeh’s home village of Kanilai, demanding the withdrawal of the Ecomig troop there who are on an Ecowas mission.
The protest led to the death of one Haruna Jatta and left many injured.
Another group young people also protested in Farato against a Court order to demolish houses in a new settlement there.

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