Government guarantees security and safety as 3 Years Jotna sets for protest

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Gambia government guaranteed citizens that it has put in place strong security and safety measures that cannot be compromised, to tackle any possible trouble from the 3 years jotna movement who were issued police permit last week to conduct peaceful procession.
“School authorities are reminded that Monday is not a public holiday and all schools should be fully operational as well as all Government offices and institutions,” statement from the office of the government spokesperson said.
Three years Jotna is a pressure group that has been calling on President Adama Barrow to respect the 3-year mandate agreement he had with leaders of the Coalition 2016 political parties and step down this December. The police last week issued permit to the movement to conduct peaceful procession from sting corner in the outskirts of Old Jeshwang to Denton Bridge in the Banjul.
Government spokesperson Ebrima G Sankareh said businesses, market vendors and women who have been experiencing panic buying due to the barrage of ‘false’ information being bandied around on social media are urged not to be intimidated and to open their businesses to the public as this country remains very peaceful, safe and secure.
The movement’s protest brought fear in many parts of the country as several businesses are closed from Brikama to Banjul on protest day on Monday. Transport also became scares while several schools remain closed.
“The Gambia Government wishes to reiterate that ‘Operation 3 Years Jotna’s’ was issued a Peaceful Procession Permit and their permit is valid from 10:00AM to 2:00PM, from Sting Corner to some 200 Metres before the Denton Bridge.”
Mr Sankareh also urged motorists plying the Banjul—Serekunda Highway to maintain the left shoulder-lane leading to Banjul as the Jotna Movement is exclusively assigned the right shoulder lane by the mangroves, saying any demonstrations outside of the assigned jurisdiction is a serious violation of the law and those who choose to violate the law will face severe consequences.
He also urged the public to allow the peaceful procession to move on smoothly without let or hindrance and anyone who interferes with the peaceful procession will be committing an offense also, punishable under the law.  “Accordingly, The Gambia Government hereby solicits the cooperation of all citizens and residents to maintain calm for the maintenance of the peace and security of the country.”
He also guaranteed that government respects the sanctity of life as well as the fundamental rights of all citizens and recognizes their right to peaceful procession, assembly and association as enshrined in the Constitution and debunked what he called the wild-spread and malicious allegations calculated to undermine the image of President Adama Barrow and his Government.

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