Global warming brings extreme weather to Africa: expert

EYEAFRICA TV: Nairobi, Kenya: The extreme weather conditions across Africa this year is caused by global warming, said a climate change expert in Nairobi, Kenya.
Abdulkadir Abikar, a climate change expert, made the remarks in an interview with China Global Television Network (CGTN). African people suffered from continuous natural disasters this year. While east Africa suffered from floods caused by excess rainfall, southern Africa faced drought conditions.
Abikar said these unnatural weather conditions are directly related to global warming.
“As we know, global warming is now taking grip on Africa, particularly the eastern part of Africa. And that means that the Indian Ocean water is warming up. It’s actually experiencing temperatures that were never experienced before. So this increase of temperature is creating cyclones in the southeast part near Mozambique, and on the northeast part of Africa, which is Somalia, the horn of Africa. So that’s what’s happening. The temperature increase is causing this havoc,” said Abikar.
Abikar also said that Africa used to have regular weather conditions, yet global warming has made the weather much more unpredictable.
“Africa used to get its droughts, and its increase in rainfall at predictable times before. But nowadays, things are not predictable. So what is happening is that the global warming is affecting adversely in different areas. In one area it is drought that’s occurring, less rainfall, which is what is happening in southern Africa in some places. And an increase of rainfall along the margins of the Indian Ocean, that margin starting from Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, and Somalia,” he said.
Multiple natural disasters have stricken African countries this year. For example, a flood is ravaging western Kenya, and a Cyclone named Kenneth left thousands of people homeless in Mozambique in June.

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