George Weah Sworn-in as Liberia President

EYEAFRICA TV: Monrovia, LIBERIA: George Weah Sworn-in as Liberia PresidentGeorge Weah has been sworn-in as Liberia’s president on Monday at the fully-packed Samuel Kanyon Doe Stadium in the country’s capital, Monrovia.
Liberians queued for miles to see the inauguration of the former footballer as their new president, celebrating their country’s first peaceful, democratic transition of power in 47 years by dancing as they waited.
“I have spent many years of my life in stadiums but today is a feeling like no other,” Weah, dressed in white African attire, told an ecstatic crowd.
The West African state’s former president and the first African elected female President Ellen Johnson Shirleaf also appeared at the ceremony.
President George Weah gave an inspiring statement before a rousing crowd in which he said the country’s vision of freedom and democracy has not been yet realized.
“We have learnt that equality and justice are fundamental human right that the people of Liberia deserve. 50 years ago Liberians lead down their arms with the hope to unite and chose democracy as their way of life.”
He thanked former president Johnson Shirleaf for leading the country to democracy and good governance.
President Weah said the gathering also celebrate an important precedence that we Liberians will come together and chose the rule of law to address our indifference. “Today, we must remember the hundreds of thousands who died because we failed to understand that fighting each other is not the solution to our problems. Let us remember those who died on our soil on our own hands.”
He also thanked Liberians for deciding on given him the responsibility to lead them, telling them he has taken oath before them to lead them to the best of his ability. “rest assure I will not let you down.”

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