General Kinteh: Security lapses review underway in Gambia’s strategic locations

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Gambia’s Army chief said on Monday that a general security lapses review is underway in at all the country’s strategic location, including the only airport and borders to strengthen surveillance following the entry into the country without detection of two of former President Yahya Jammeh most trusted generals.
In a Monday interview with West Africa Democracy radio, General Masanneh Kinteh said the two generals walked into the country and that it was normal to debrief them because they were still officers of The Gambia Armed Forces but that statement angered many Gambian’s including a woman who posted an audio on New Gambian Stakeholders group on Whatsapp, saying general Kinteh need to inform himself and advice the Gambian population on the sudden appearance of the two generals in the country.
General Umpa Mendy and Ansumana Tamba were arrested by the Military Police Unit of The Gambia Armed Forces following their return from Equatorial Guinea where they were said to be with former President Jammeh who went into exile last year after losing seat to Adama Barrow.  They arrived at the airport on Sunday via Royal Air Moroc and passed the airport’s main gate with security failing to detect them and were arrested in town.
The two are accused to be part of Jammeh’s devilish hand who perpetrated serious crimes against the Gambian population under Jammeh. More dishearteningly, they are allowed into the country through the main gates of the airport without apprehension, exposing the country’s security lapses.
General Kinteh said in the interview that the two generals apparently came through the country’s only airport on Royal Air Maroc and checked by the airport security and were later invited for questioning by the army but the woman said the Gambia Armed Forces Act Section 55 Sub-Section 2 states that “a person who is being absent without authority for a continuous period of six months or more shall unless the country is presumed to have deserted for the purpose of this Act.”
She said the two generals have been away for one year and presumably with Yahya Jammeh as his personal bodyguard and Gambians had no communication from the Army at any time that these people have been in contact with them.

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