Gee reacts to Eye Africa article on Gambian Musicians meeting Barrow

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: President of Gambia Music Union has reacted to an Eye Africa Tuesday article featuring some Gambian musicians meeting President Adama Barrow at statehouse over the weekend.
In a released article from the statehouse press department, the Musicians meet Mr Barrow where they presented what they called their “Peace project,” an initiative that was reported to have been lauded by the president.
But after reading the article, Gibril Bala Gaye wrote; “As president of the music union, we don’t want to associate ourselves with that visit because we term it as a political move.”
He said key facts of the story have been missed, saying it was Lamin Cham and D’ Jobz -St’s former manager- who initiated the project through the Barrow Youth Movement (BYM) and called a few artist instead of going through the union.
Gee said he personally told Lamin Cham that if the idea is channel through the right direction- like through a ministry- then they would all participate, but definitely not BYM.
President Barrow was quoted at the meeting as saying that the musicians’ peace project was an important idea, adding that there will be no progress in the absence of peace and stability.
He also promised that he and his government will support the project to its success, saying he have a mandate to The Gambian people and therefore take ownership of the project. But Gee said they have seen how Yaya Jammeh used artistes to feed his political agendas and this generation of Gambian music isn’t having it. “Artist that went there did at their own will but not on behalf of Gambia music or artiste.”

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