GDC leader urges Barrow govt to graduate from deliberate mistakes

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Mama Kandeh, the leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress has urged the government of Adama Barrow to graduate from committing deliberate mistakes and inappropriate comments and in turn apologising.
This he said is becoming a tune that the government is everyday dancing to.
Kandeh was reacting to recent comments by Information Minister Demba Jawo on BBC Focus on Africa that there was no live bullets used in the Kanilai protest and inturned apologized after the protest turned bloody.
Kandeh said this is not the first time that the ministers in this new government are doing such mistakes and contradictions.
“We have seen the Justice Minister say this and the following day the Interior Minister says that and they are in the same government” he said.
He advised them to always make sure they know what, when and how to say things as no one is pressurizing them.
“They should graduate from such tunes now” he concluded.

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