GCCI donates ambulance worth D2.5M to Gambia Prison Services

EYEAFRICA TV: Bijilo, THE GAMBIA:- The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) has on Wednesday donated an ambulance worth D2.5 million with fuel coupon of D100.000 to the Gambia Prison Services.

The gesture, according to GCCI, is part of efforts to promote and institute a platform of genuine reform in the prisons system and the rule of law.

The mile 2 prison has over the years lack proper medical center and ambulances. GCCI has however stepped up to provide the country’s main correctional center with an ambulance.

The Deputy Director General of Gambia Prison Services, Modou Jarjue described GCCI’s intervention as timely, adding that it will help in providing a better health services for over 400 inmates.

“Currently, there are no ambulances in Jeshwang Prison Camp and Janjanbureh Prison whiles Mile II has an old one. The old ambulance in Mile II is over burden with pressures of providing paramedic services to both Mile II and Jeshwang Prisons.”

Mr. Jarjue said the donation is long overdue and will go a long way in improving the provision of health services to the Prisons.

“At the onset of the COVID-19
pandemic, GCCI realized that our
prisons, together with the hospitals are
the worst and most vulnerable places in the country,” said president of GCCI, Edrissa Mass Jobe. “Hence, in the spirit of true generosity we focused our material and financial contribution to helping these institutions.”

According to him, their efforts were meant to promote and institute a platform of genuine reform in the prisons system and the rule of law.

He added: “Prisons are an important part of the rule of law, it protects society from dangerous and violent criminals. Yet prisons is an ecosystem of Gambian: the guilty and innocent; the jailor and jailed; the lawyer judges.”

The GCCI president added that the ambulance will further strengthened the agenda of equivalence of healthcare, saying that the right to health is a principle that applies to all prisoners, who are entitled to receive the same quality of medical care that is available in the community.

The vast majority of people committed to prison and the prison guards and their families interact continuously making
prisons the reservoirs of disease.

Gambia’s central prison has never been a high-standard correctional center. But many argued that things became worst under the 22-year rule of former President Yahya Jammeh.

Mile 2 was built by the British colonialists in 1920 in a swampy area infested with mosquitoes and mangroves. Situated along the Banjul highway, the prison has three areas: security wing, main yard and remand wing.

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