GAP says 24hrs sea patrolling could have averted migrant shipwreck

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Gambia Action Party (GAP) Monday issued an official statement on fatal sea accident off the coast of Mauritania last week that led to the death of at least sixty Gambians, suggesting that the calamity could have been averted if government put in place a 24-hour surveillance system in the sea.
In a statement signed by secretary general and party leader, Musa Yali Batchilly, the party observed that the government is in pole position to provide, protect and defend Gambian citizens in every possible way, always and in all ways. “The government could have implemented patrolling the river Gambia in twenty four hours round the clock manning, which could have prevented this from happening,” it said.
Last week, the UN migration agency –International Organisation for Migration- first reported the accident of the boat off the coast of Mauritania that was said to have left Gambian shores a week earlier with more than 150 people. Gambia government first official report put the dead at 52 people but its latest report put it at more than 60 people.
The people on board, including women and children were attempting to travel to Europe and other western countries through irregular migration in search for greener pastures.
One of the newest parties in The Gambia, GAP said until the government prioritizes according to the country’s problems, and halt or graduate from prioritizing the less priority, the people are still in troubles.
“It’s very unfortunate and deplorable that our young and energetic youth have to die in the Atlantic Ocean just to provide better living for their families and earn decent livelihoods. These indefatigable youth strives to escape and avert destitution, but unfortunately, they drowned in the sea,” the party said.
Irregular migration has become a global wonder with thousands of people undergoing the dreadful journey, not only from war torn areas but also young people from poor African countries who are frustrated by joblessness in their countries.

“As we joined the rest of the country to mourn on this holocaust, we are deeply saddened, perplexed and regretted to have learned this unwelcome news. We extend our condolences to the bereaved families, the Gambia government and the rest of the citizenry. May Allah make them dwellers of Jannah, and may their families, as well as the love ones have the fortitude to bear the extinct.”
The Party says it is so inexcusable that Gambia governments, past and present could only cater deficient jobs to its future leaders, which could not thwart them from their quest on this deadliest and perilous journey to Europe for more than half a century. It says the development of every country vests in the workforce, and youth are in every vital locus to render vibrant and effective services to the nation.
“When the government cannot provide any other meaningful earnings for these people, their aspirations to achieve excellence will only rest on enduring through the illegal migration which in return will rummage us for decades to come. We count on the government, as the very institution to exert and redouble all efforts together to prevent recurrence of this unprecedented carnage, subsequently.”
The Party called for Gambians to unite together during this period and console the bereaved families as the tragedy strikes the nation as cogizant of the fact that every live is germane or salient geared towards the development of the Gambia.

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