Gambia’s political landscape is widening as Citizens’ Alliance launched

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Political landscape in the small West African country of The Gambia is widening as a new political party called Citizens’ Alliance –CA- was launched on Friday. This will bring to total, about ten political parties in the country.
Party delegates and political parties, alongside several supporters have attended the launch of the party at Panchami hall of Paradise Suites hotel in Kololi.
Interim chairperson and party leader, Dominic Mendy said Citizens’ Alliance party is formed by concerned Gambians with common ground to build a better Gambia and create a platform to transform the country into a nation of opportunities and prosperity.
Mr Mendy said since Gambia gained its independence from the British in 1965 to date, the country has gone through several false starts, saying it is time for the country to take its right footing.
“Citizens’ Alliance intends to unit Gambians without segregation, ethnicity or inequality. We want to lift the people out of poverty with dignity, transparency and equality,” he said.
He said the system has to change because Gambian people have been neglected for so long and they came to change the narratives with the support of their members and Gambian people. “It is time for this country to have quality education system, better health facilities and good road networks to improve the life condition of the Gambian people.”
He said CA party is the right answer for the change, urging Gambians to embrace the new political approach to build a better future for the country. “We are an open and diverse political party, prepared to uplift the lives and livelihood of Gambian people at all level.”
Dr Ismaila Ceesay, one of the members of the party addressed the delegates, reminding them that time has come for a new political era in The Gambia. “Citizens’ Alliance is a political organization formed under the ideal of democracy, social cohesion and social justice. It is also formed to address the needs of the people and to fight against any form of discrimination in our country.
The University of The Gambia political science lecturer said they want to bring back Gambia’s dignity, saying since after independence, the country cannot feed itself, it cannot provide health care for itself and  cannot provide light either and that is due to bad governance system.
Dr Ceesay said they formed the party to change the system that could not provide the needs of the Gambian people, saying “today, our children are taught in an education system that is not fit for purpose. Youth unemployed and women not empowered, while the leaders drive expensive cars and send their children to better schools.”
He said Citizens’ Alliance is a political party with the desire to build a country that will provide opportunity, equally and justice for all. The party will unveil its leadership when it hold congress in few months.

Story written by Amadou Kanteh

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