Gambia’s Islamic Council Objects to Granting of TV License to Ahmadiya

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Gambia’s Supreme Islamic Council says on Tuesday that it is objecting to the granting of television license to Ahmadiya Jamat in the country, saying if granted, the television could be used as a powerful propaganda tool to adulterate the mind of the Ummah by a movement that has been classified by the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) to be outside the pale of Islam.
In a statement issued Tuesday signed by the council’s President Alhagie Muhammad Lamin Touray, the country’s Islamic religion governing body say it convened a consultation with the Imam Ratib of the country’s capital, Banjul, the country’s Muslim Ummah represented by several Imams and Muslim scholars and agreed to place on notice of their intention to present a national petition objecting to the granting of television license to the Ahmadiya Jamat in the country which will be coming in the next few days.
Supreme Islamic Council and the Ahmadiya Jamat have not been in good terms for decades now. The council believes that Ahmadiya are not practicing the true teachings of Islamic religion and fear that if that if they are given the platform to have free operation in the country they could pollute the minds of Muslims who, they say are truly practicing Islam.
Some years ago, the people of Tallinding had a serious confrontation with the Ahmadiya when the Ahmadis wanted to burry one of their late member at the Muslim cemetery at Tallinding. The people of the area insisted that the body was not going to be buried at their cemetery because they did not share the same faith
The Islamic council says granting license to such “propaganda” is considered to pose a threat to Gambian Muslim Ummah and the neighboring countries.

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