Gambians express concern as political leaders meet Jonathan in Nigeria over draft constitution

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA:-Gambians from all walks of life have expressed their concern over the nation’s leading political leaders travelling to Nigeria for a dialogue with former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan.

Leaders of key political parties in The Gambia have Monday morning arrived in Nigeria to meet Jonathan, who is the chief negotiator in finding a common solution over the country’s embattled draft constitution.

Eye Africa TV can confirm that UDP leader Ousainou Darboe, CA leader Dr Ismaila Ceesay, GAP leader Musa Batchilly, GMC leader Mai Ahmed Fatty and GDC leader Mama Kandeh, are all in Nigeria for the convergence.

NPP’s Seedy SK Njie informed his followers on Monday that he is “off to Abuja for an all important conclave.” But we cannot at this moment verify if he is there for the same purpose.

When the news of their arrival broke out, Gambians took to Facebook to express their views. Many called it a waste of resources while others described it as a shame that the country’s fate is being discussed in a foreign land.

Musa Sowe asked why huge significance is attached to the draft constitution, saying, “Sincerely does our lives depend on that constitution. Why not try amending the bad laws of the 1997 constitution.”

Yahya Sonko wrote: “This travelling doesn’t make any sense. Instead the message we are amplifying here is that with the parliament, we are incapable of solving anything within. In fact, why is this that much urgent now? When women are struggling in the hospital, drug cases still stand and daily corruption cases. Sovereignty is extremely important and it required a country to have little ego.”

To Alhagie Jammeh, the political leaders are just in Nigeria to enjoy free trip. “I don’t know what is special in Nigeria that cannot be negotiated in the smiling coast of rek gambiano,” Alhagie Jammeh said.

Modou Jobe asked: “Why are they wasting so much money when the health sector  is  in crises.”

Galleh Brown added: “Why Nigeria? Shame to our technocrats, on the nutshell why can we settle our own issues internally within ourselves here in the Gambia,this is annoying and disappointing to our sovereignty.”

Alhagie M Camara says the National Assembly has the responsibility to path the way for the new constitution. “Our political party leaders shall not accept this trip what ever it maybe. National Assembly have the authority to path the way forward. So only national assembly no other institution or any person else.”

Blobas Mendy believe it’s a waste of public funds. “What a shame and waste of public funds in the midst of poor conditions of public sectors, most importantly the health sector. The issue could have been given a second handling at the National assembly. Any way, 2021 elections is near the corner and the 1997 constitution still holds.”

Goodluck Jonathan visited Gambia twice to meet the country’s President Adama Barrow, leaders of key political parties, National Assembly members and civil society organizations.

The move was meant to support the country’s ongoing constitutional review process and facilitate the process of forging a workable national consensus.

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