Gambian human rights activist calls on Israel to end aggression in Palestine

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA:- A Gambian human rights activist, Bakary J. Janneh has called on Israel to put an end to the aggression in Palestine.

Janneh, who branded Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as world’s number one terrorist, also called on the  Organization of Islamic Cooperation ( OIC) to take action in defending Palestine.

Below is Bakary J. Janneh’s message:

In my total disappointment and dismay, I write to condemned the actions of Israel against the innocent people of Palestine in complete totality.

The Savage manner in which the people of Palestine are going through under the evil suggestible of Israel is fremd and therefore should not be welcome by anyone of good Samaritan. 

It’s no doubt that Israel is acting Apartheid against the sovereign people of Palestine and Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the word greatest terrorist as of today. 

More embarrassing is the United Nations and Amenity International doing less in giving the sovereign people of Palestine their right. Been a Muslims shouldn’t warrant Israel to terrorise Palestine. That’s is unjustifiable and therefore most stop with immediate effect. It will be ridiculous to support this act of state terrorism against an independent sovereign state of Palestine.

The sudden and complete loss of courage and firmness in the face of trouble or danger is overwhelming and disabling terror of a sinking spirits of peace and love has called for a concern to review the barbarically inhumane behavior of Apartheid state of Israel against the innocent people of Palestine. 

If the United Nations cannot take action against Israel,  I will be therefore compelled to call on Organization of Islamic Cooperation ( OIC) to rise up and take action against Israel so as to defend the sovereignty and peace for the people of Palestine and their right inherited territory of Holy mosque of Alqsa without fear from Israel. 

It is in proper for us to continue watching our brothers and sisters in Palestine burry their love one’s killed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Palestinians are human being who deserves to be respect irrespective of their religious beliefs.

 Enough of Israel aggression in Palestine.

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