Gambian Diasporans influencing growing public opinion

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Gambia’s presidency has directed the foreign ministry to engage Gambians abroad to promote greater peace and stability in the country, lebelling the country’s diasporans of leading a growing influence on public opinion in the country.
The presidency says that has raised some concern.
“The Office of the President encourages your office to engage Gambians through encouraging responsibilie exercise of peoples’ right to free speech and peaceful assembly,” a letter signed by Jainaba Manjang on behalf of the secretary general stated.

Recently, there have been several protests in the country by groups who mainly direct their dissatisfaction to government authorities and councils for what they call their failure to represent them as expected.
A group of young people who call themselves ‘Operation three years jotna’ has been engaging in several attempted protests in the country, asking president Adama Barrow respect his agreement with coalition leader to step down after three years.
Former member of the United Democratic Party ( UDP ) executive, President Barrow became defeated former president Yahya Jammeh in the 2016 general election as flag bearer of an eight-party coalition.
Last month, another group of young people in Brikama who call themselves ‘Concern youth’ were denied permit by the police to protest against local Brikama Area Council who they claim were not adequately ploughing the taxpayers’ money into development priorities.
The Presidency further stated that in the spirit of the “New Gambia” free speech and scrunity should not be discouraged due to its importamce in a free and democratic society. “However, it is important to sensitise each and everyone towards the responsibilities which came with three fundamental rights, particularly with regards to the propagation of misinformation and any act leading to the instigation of violence or civil unrest in The Gambia.”

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