Gambia registers fourth corona virus case

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Health minister Dr. Ahmad Samateh Sunday evening confirmed Gambia’s registration of a fourth COVID-19 pandemic case following a laboratory test on twenty-three people.

He said the new case is a Gambian in his 50’s who entered the country from France on the same flight with the first case-patient. Sixteen of the his close contacts have been put under quarantine with one new probable whose result is inconclusive.

Since the outbreak of the disease in December, this is the fourth case registered in the country. The first case is a female Gambian who entered the country from the United Kingdom and the second case is a Bangladeshi man who entered the from from Senegal. He was confirmed to have contracted the virus after his death while the third case is a male Gambian from France.

Health minister Samateh said all the cases are imported. ‘conclusively, Gambia now has four confirmed cases and one probable case.’

President Adama Barrow on Friday announced a state of emergency in the country and ordered all government and private institutions to scale down their work. He also ordered for drivers to reduce the number of passengers to half and all places of worship be lose with no gathering of more than ten people prohibited.

Earlier to that, the government banned all public gatherings, closed the borders and airspace and announced a 500 million COVID-19 emergency response fund but its actions were criticized by many citizens calling them late.

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