Gambia: Kiang West awards primary school contestants ahead of 2021 national spelling bee

EYEAFRICA TV: Kiang West, THE GAMBIA:- The Kutehjumbulu Kafoo of Tankular in the Kiang West District this Saturday staged a feisty and competitive spelling bee for students in the Lower Basic Schools in Region Four.

The event was meant to give platform for the pupils to showcase their intellectual potentials using the powers of words as a drive to stimulate positive reading and spelling culture at the elementary stages.

Contestants from Tankular, Joli, Kuyang, Karantaba and Gissay impressed educational authorities in Lower River Region and communities in the western Kiang with calculation of syllables and pronunciations of words from the English dictionary.

Adama Njie, a school going child from Tankular Lower Basic School emerged as the champion in the 2021 edition of the spelling bee.

Lamin Gibba from Gissay Lower Basic School was hailed as the first runner up and Elman Manneh from Tankular received the award as second runner up.

Winners of the competition went home with cash prizes, stationeries and school bags meant to motivate them to nurture their spirit of reading and spelling.

The district spelling bee was organised in build up to a national spelling competition in April 2021 that would feature the participation of the best six spellers from Kiang West.

Secretary of the Organising Kaffo, Alhagie Ceesay affirmed the commitment of his committee to the course of education for children in the rural areas. He described the initiative as a form of continuous education that would unreservedly lay a solid foundation for better future of the community.

“This is also to ensure that the vision is not only attained through quality and relevant education but also by the creation of access for the youngest generation to participate in national events,” he said.

Mr Tunde, a veteran spelling bee coordinator for Lower Basic Schools, challenged parents, teachers and guardians to believe in their children and give them support in their educational career.

Astonished by the confidence of the contestants, he called on the education authorities to consider the engagement of more stakeholders to boost the quality of this extra-curricular activity in all parts of the country.

“This is a collective responsibility to look beyond the town and see what is happening and what could be done at the remote ends to add to the system,” he noted.

The hosting of spelling bee in one of the remotest places in the country communicates a signal of hope for school going children that they can rely on their talents to compete with their counterparts in other regions. As a result, these pupils are gradually developing the habits of consulting their books on their own even moments after school hours.

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