Gambia is still without an Ombudsman as President’s Nominee Requires Civil Service Resignation

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: The presidency is still unable to succeed in the nomination of a right candidate to fill the vacant position of Ombudsman for three months now as a result of misapplication of Public Service Regulations.

In moving the motion, Vice President Dr Isatou Touray reminded lawmakers of a constitutional provision that the National Assembly may not reject a nomination from the president for a second time.

“May I remind the gathering that the nomination of Bakary Sanyang as Ombudsman followed an earlier nomination of Babucarr Suwareh by the president which was rejected by this august assembly. Therefore, in coming with this replacement, due regards have been given to Section 164 sub-section 1 of the constitution which stipulates that provided that where the National Assembly rejects a person nominated by the president, it shall not again reject the person nominated to replace him.”

The assembly noted from the motion that the nomination of Bakary Njie came at a time he was still active as governor of the West Coast Region. He was subsequently appointed on contract as governor of West Coast Region in January 2018 an appointment he is currently holding.

This argument, however gave weight to the assembly to recommend a further scrutiny into the process applied in the nomination of a new Ombudsman.

“From the vice president’s speech, I understand that the gentleman is still in service in the public service which means that he has to resign from the public service in order to assume this responsibility that is the constitutional provision,” member for Wuli east, Sidia Jatta said.

The approval discussed at the national Assembly was eventually forwarded to committee stage.

Questions now arose as to what is exactly wrong with the cabinet in application of the laws of the land, so that it becomes extremely difficult to have motions survive test of time.

In December 18, The National Assembly rejected the nomination of a former education director to serve as the country’s ombudsman by the president due to lack of basic qualifications required for that office

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