Gambia expects largest rainfall experience of the year

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Gambia’s department of water resources and weather forecast monitoring has issued a general warning that a cyclonic vortex associated with strong winds, rain showers and thunderstorms is expected to develop over the country’s coastline from the late evening of Wednesday, into the late morning of Thursday.
The department said during this period, the country will experience the largest rainfall of the year, further asking citizens to take the warning seriously and to prepare before Wednesday night towards Thursday morning, which will record the largest rainfall of the year.  “It will cause flash floods in many parts of the country thereby causing huge destruction to compounds.”
Changes have occurred in the region’s rainfall pattern some three years ago. Gambia and many parts of neighboring countries like Senegal and Guinea have been experiencing late and low rainfall, leading to crop failure and poor harvest.
Weather forecaster reports warn that people residing in vulnerable areas or communities that are normally affected by flash floods like Ebo Town, Tallinding Farokonu, Sukuta Nema, Sanchaba Sulay Jobe, Dippa Kunda, Latri Kunda, Banjul, Central and Upper River Regions, including Basse town will all experience severe floods on Wednesday.
The report also indicate that there will be strong wind with thunder and lightning Wednesday night, towards Thursday morning whilst it will be another rainy day on Saturday and Sunday with strong wind, thunder and lightning.
It warned fisher men to avoid sea from Wednesday night towards Thursday morning, as the coastline will experience rough waves with strong winds, thunder and lightning.
Outlook for Wednesday
The department indicated in its report that rain showers and thunderstorms will affect most parts of the country during the period of Wednesday night towards Thursday morning, and will cause flash floods.
Outlook for Thursday
It further warned that thunderstorms and heavy rain showers is expected to affect some parts of the country from the early hours of Thursday morning, which might generate flash flooding over the coastal areas. “The system may generate torrential rain and possible flash flooding over the coastal areas, while Friday will experience rainfall but Saturday and Sunday will also experience heavy rain with flash floods.

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