Gambia earmarks USD2.5M emergency fund for any possible COVID-19 outbreak

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Officials of Gambia’s health ministry have announced on Monday that the country has already catered a 2.5 million United States Dollar emergency fund to tackle any possible Coronavirus outbreak in the country.

At a press conference at the Medical Central Store in Kotu, coordinator of Epidemiology and Disease Control Unit, Sanna Sambou said urged people to personalise their health and hygiene, saying they must continue to wash their hands.

Coronavirus, a global health threatening disease that was first discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan is a large family of viruses that cause diseases in mamals and birds. A case of the diseases has already been detected in Senegal on a French man.

It was rumored that it has entered The Gambia but the Ministry of health and Social Welfare has debunked the rumor, saying the person who was reported to have contracted the virus was false and he has been released.

Mr Sambou said a national Health Emergency Committee, Technical sub-committees and regional emergency committees have already being established. “Everyone should be part of the case detection. A place has been identified and prepared to receive any detected infection,” Mr Sambou said.

Latest reports indicate that 90,274 Coronavirus Cases have been confirmed globally with 3,084

Death and 45,705 recovered.

“We have added capacity at the Banjul International Airport as it is one of the most vulnerable entry points into the country. All international travelers from affected countries are followed upto 14 days incubation period from January to date,” Mr Sambou said.

According to him, three people have been so far tested in the country by MRC and Chinese nationals are quarantined by Embassy staff at their own location.

World Health Organisation country representative Desta Tiruneh said it is hard to quickly detect the infection on a person, saying WHO’s decision on travel restriction is based on international health control standard.

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