Gambia College orients new students

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Thousands of students stormed the Gambia College on Thursday for orientation into the 2019 academic year.
The oldest tertiary institution popularly known as teacher training college enrolled freshmen for various programmes including Diploma, Advanced Diploma in Education, and Early Childhood Development.
The Vice Principal of The Gambia College, Isatou Ndow called on the new students to renew their commitment in shaping the future of the country, noting that the role of a teacher is spotted out in the performance of every sector.
For Madam Ndow, the new intake must be inquisitive in their various fields of study with aim to realise the quality of education.
“Form groups so that when you have difficulties somebody else can help you explain things better for you. But if you are also alone in the academy you do not know and you are not asking questions, you will have a problem. You are students; we expect a lot from you especially in relations to the work you are going to take up-teaching. Teachers are supposed to be role models. Today whatever goes wrong in this country we will say is teachers.”
Demba SM Yabou, Registrar of Gambia College, reinforced the idea that teaching is noble but demanding enough for one to conduct a routine personal assessment.
He challenged those in the early childhood class to head up to the task ahead bearing in mind that they are to be entrusted with infants. “Those on the early childhood development level are going to touch the hearts of our children when they don’t know much. So, you are crucial in shaping their lives. That is why I can comfortably say you are the most important.”
Mr Yabou reminded students that at that primary level, that nursey children must be shown the right thing and if they fail to do that then they will fail the entire nation, saying the College administration is very careful about such. “Whether we like it or not, as individuals here, we will all be affected by your actions after your programme because we are all parents.”
For this year alone, he said the college has enrolled two thousand six hundred and eighty-four students.
The Gambia College certificate remains one of the most prestigious awards in the country. Duration for programmes ranges from two to three years after which graduates would spend a lesser period at university due to transfer of grades.

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