Former VP BB Dabo says new Party will place Gambia on the right Footing

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Leader and Secretary General of a new party in The Gambia called Gambia For All (GFA), said they have come to work with Gambians to put the country on the right footing in development and lifting the peoples’ living standard.
Bakary Bunja Dabo –BB Dabo- said the country is currently politically polarised with unknown phenomenon emerging, including tribalism, as if the country is at war. “This is the political legacy we are left with by dictatorship.”
At the party’s first congress to set an interim executive at Djembe Hotel in Kololi on Sunday, the former vice President in Gambia’s first republic said economically, the country is no better with consistent decline in all development spheres. “How can you run a country where productivity is very low? Overwhelmingly, this is because of bad governance. If you don’t get the economy right, you are creating social problems.”
Gambia For All is the latest political party in the country’s political industry but it is yet to complete its recognition status as it is yet to register with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).
Mr. Dabo said desperation has been forcing Gambian young people to think that immigration is their primary source of living by traveling to Europe and other continents through the Mediterranean Sea in search of green pasture. “They have no hope in their own country. Look at our urban centers, life is been made so miserable by conditions and has been made bad every day.”
He said bad leadership is a terrible being, saying the country has experienced an excessively overbearing presidency in the past twenty-years that put its hand in everything.

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