Former Sierra Leonean opposition mayor arrested

EYEAFRICA TV: Freetown, SIERRA LEONE: Former mayor of Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, was arrested late Monday over alleged political violence, police said.
Gabriel Tommy, head of police department of criminal investigations, said Herbert George Williams’ arrest came as part of a probe into the matter. The arrest came ahead of parliamentary by-election upon election petition of ruling party.
Earlier in August, 23 officials of the opposition All People’s Congress party were jailed for the alleged political violence in Hamilton village outside Freetown. “We arrested the former mayor on allegations that he had a hand in the violence that occurred in the Constituency 110 in Hamilton village. He slept in detention,” Tommy told Radio Democracy in Freetown.
“We are looking at the evidence. If it’s enough, we will charge him to court just like the others,” he added.
Among those jailed were former ministers, members of parliament, council chairmen and other key officials. The opposition party called the arrests as political harassment and intimidation.
The parliamentary by election is scheduled for Saturday after the opposition candidate who won the last election was stripped of his MP status following an election petition by the ruling SLPP party.

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