Former ruling APRC lawmaker Demba Dem today continues his testimony at TRRC

Former ruling APRC lawmaker Demba Dem today continues his testimony at TRRC with details of the conditions of ‘tortured’ detainees at the Mile 2 prison in 2006.
The MP from Sami Constituency was jailed in Mile 2 after he was arrested for allegedly taking part in the March 2006 alleged coup plot led by the then army chief Ndure Cham.
Testifying before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission via Skype, Dem recalled meeting detainees including army officer Bunja Darbo, Retired Major Lie Conteh, one Lang Conteh and Omar Camara, a parliamentarian from Kantora constituency. He told the commission that all the detainees he met at Mile 2 were subjected to degrading treatments during their incarceration.
“When I arrived at Mile 2 I found the condition of the detainees very bad. Some were seriously beaten and tortured. You can see their bodies swollen, faces swollen and some had broken hands,” said Dem.
Mr Dem told the commission while at the NIA office he was subjected to an intensive interrogation in connection to his participation into the 2006 failed coup in which he was accused of providing a marabout for the coup leaders.
Mr. Demba Dem, explained how he was tortured at the then NIA when he failed to answer questions to their favor.

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