“The central bank expected to receive 35Million dollars from the Republic of China.”- where some of the testimonies of former financial controller at the central bank of the Gambia at the commission of Inquiry commonly called the Jannah commission looking into the financial dealings of former president Jammeh and his close associates.
Mr. Cham who worked at the central bank from March 15th, 1977 to November 10, 2003, told the Janneh commission that in September 1994, the governor of central bank was sermoned at the state house of the Gambia in relation to the funds that were expected to be received from the Republic of China.
He said these funds were not a grants but loans. According to Cham, 30 million dollars was received out of 35Million dollars that was supposed to be received. He said the transaction of the funds; An account was opened at City Bank New York. “The account was a dual currency which was Us dollar and the Gambian Dalasi”. This account he said was opened; initially, there were two signatories to the account.
The signatories were captain Edward Singhateh and Captain Ebou Jallow. “Captain Edward Singhateh’s signatory was withdrawn and Captain Ebou Jallow remain the sole signatory to the 30.2 million dollar account.
Asked by counsel Bensouda whether he has the files of that account he mentioned, the former financial controller said he has handed all the files to the then governor of central bank Famara Jatta.
Cham further adduced that captain Ebou Jallow and Captain Edward Singhateh came to the bank and deposited 2million dollars. Few days later he said, an amount of two hundred thousand dollars was deposited again at the central bank.
He went on explaining that the first transaction of the account was three consignments of rice that was received by Zergemeuller. ” He came to the central bank and was introduced by Garba Jahumpa to the governor of the bank”.
Abdoulie Cham further testified that the rice was distributed to the AFPRC militants to sell and deposit back to the bank. Which according to him, never happened.
He went on testifying that Captain Ebou Jallow as the single signatory to the 30.2million dollar account, instructed the bank to transfer 3million dollars to a foreign account outside The Gambia. “He left the country immediately after doing that”.
He said Modou kaba bajo and himself went to Geneva to recover the funds which he said succeeded in doing that. “the then government-appointed lawyers in Geneva; they were the ones we went to meet and recover the money”.

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