Former Chief of Protocol says they were living in “Hostage” life under Jammeh

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Gambia exiled former President Yahya Jammeh’s one-time chief of protocol (COP) appeared before the country’s truth-seeking Commission on Monday, where he explained the deplorable working condition they used to be under Mr Jammeh.
“Let us not be use by the politicians for their own gains again. We [protocol officers] were living in a hostage life. There was no trust among ourselves and were not serving national interest but the interest of Jammeh,” Demba Njie said in his testimony.
His testimony was in connection to the April 10 and 11 mass student demonstration that led to the killing of 14 people. He also suggest that parents and authorities should ensure that students focused on their education than following what he call selfish and self-interest politicians.
“If they follow this selfish and self-interest politicians, they will end up losing. We the parents must advice our children to focus on studying, reading their books and doing something good than going in the streets fighting, damaging and vandalising properties. That is not good for us,” he said.
He said it is the young people who will become the country’s future leaders and if they are bad then they will make up bad leaders.
“We never trust each other and we understand quite well that we were not serving national interest. So before this reform commission, let us reform ourselves and make sure that we act in the interest of the nation and not our individual interests,” he said.
Mr Njie, who appeared before the truth-seeking Commission for the second time, also called on officers to reform themselves and focus on the protection of the people. “Yes, for 22 years, we the protocol officers were living in a state of emergency. I call it state of emergency because we owe all allegiance to one individual and that was President Yahya Jammeh.”

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