Foreign Affairs Minister Reacts To Ex – VP Sacking Allegations

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: The Minister of Foreign Affairs, and former Ambassador to United States, Momodou Tangara has dispelled assertion of sacking by the former Vice President and 2016 Coalition Chairperson as unfounded.
In a media release, Tangara said he would not have bothered to respond but where allegations of impropriety have been made, it is imperative to address the matter on the basis of facts.
Fatoumatta Jallow-Tambajang told Kerr Fatou in an interview that Tangara and then Foreign Affairs Minister, Ousainu Darboe masterminded her sacking as vice president last year.
She said President Barrow told her that her firing was an advice given by the two cabinet ministers.
In response, Dr Tangara argued that the former VP has thrown down the gauntlet for anybody to challenge her assertions.
In his words, “she stated that I had a vendetta against her and that Ousainu Darboe and I orchestrated her removal from Office.
I have had no vendetta against her. But the moment she became Vice President, her behaviour was no longer compatible with her words. Yet still, she was always regarded as a mother and was treated as such. Her personal relationship with me is a longstanding one.”
Tangara stressed that Jallow-Tambajang initiated an ill-considered text-message with the clear aim of lambasting and upbraiding him and his staff for her ‘difficult and embarrassing experience’ at New York’s JFK Airport by security while on a poorly planned journey to Chile for a meeting.
He said, a large part of the communication concerning that trip was all conducted through [social media platform via] WhatsApp.
He ticket was procured the night before the travel and as a result she was not able to travel on the same route with her Protocol Officer. Her security officer was left in New York and could not proceed to Chile for lack of a ticket and poor arrangements. “I as the Ambassador and the Mission staff still went to the airport over a weekend and assisted her and the people travelling with her. Instead of thanking us, she sent an ill-considered text message to me, which raised serious questions about her temperament and judgment as a person occupying the high office of Vice President. The tone was demeaning and beneath the office of the VP”, he said.
For Dr Tangara, despite all the shock and disappointment caused by her text message, he gave a polite and cultured respond in order to dispel her erroneous assertions, and further tame her emotional outburst.

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