Fire fighters arrive late as State House bus burn to ashes

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: A State House bus with registration number GG 1802, earlier today burnt to ashes with only the driver on board driving from Jimpex road to The Gambia Transport Service Company (GTSC) depot in Kanifing.
The incident occurred just some 100m away from the Mobile Traffic Unit, a police traffic instillation in one of the country’s most populated regions of Kanifing, overseeing the day to day traffic of the Municipality.
Director of press and public relations at State House, Amie Bojang-Sissoho confirmed to Eye Africa that the bus was a state own transport after confirming with the government vehicle control unit. State House officials were later spotted at the ground to move the bus.
She said the cause of the fire emanated from the wheel of the bus which failed to wheel as normal. Sources at the incident said it took over ten minutes before Fire fighters from Serrekunda, who are located less than 2km from the scene to arrive when the bus was close to be completely burnt.

The bus is part of last year secondhand buses donated by the Turkish Government though it’s Embassy in Banjul. They were handed to the government at a ceremony held at Macaty Square in Banjul.
The fire was said to have been detected on the bus by bystanders who informed the driver before he stop the bus. The driver is reported to have been complaining about the bad condition of the bus for long but his authorities asked him to manage with it.
Part of the package buses were distributed to government institutions like the UTG, MDI, and Gambia College. Some of them are being used by Government during state functions as means of transportation.
Recently, President Barrow’s youth foundation; Barrow Youth for National Development and some supporters of the president have used the buses during his last year meet the People’s Tour and other state events.

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