Female Qur’anic Centre Presents Memorasation Tallents

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Ya Aisha Ummul Mu’mineen, a female Islamic Studies Centre along the Kairaba Avenue featured a new batch of talent in the recitation of the Holly Qur’an and presentation on different topic of religious jurisprudence at its annual convergence this weekend.
The informal school most of whose students are adult learners offers free education on basic and advanced levels of the Qur’an as well as the Hadith, teaching of Prophet Muhammad, Peace be Upon Him.
Head of the female teachers at the Centre, Aisha Faye said during the opening of the event that the ‘daara’ as it is locally called, attracts girls and women who might not have enough time due to busy educational, domestic or work schedule to learn fundamentals of their religion. “A good percentage of students are in the formal sector but their part-time at the centre is paying dividend as they are able to learn how to read and/ or write the Qur’an”, she said.
Ms Faye explained that the talent program also known as ‘tarri’, was meant to showcase the beauty of knowledge and also to encourage more learners to consider joining in the cause of Allah.
Part of the talent, ladies proofed memory of average four pages of the Qur’an after which they take random questions on basic Islamic topics such as prayers, taxes, fasting, and faith.
Sheikh Omar Ceesay, Head teacher and leader at the Ummul Mumineen Islamic Centre said the teaching of Qur’an and Hadith is their one way in contributing to brightening the current generation.
Although, learning takes place on part-time base, he said students in different levels are making progress right from the Qur’anic alphabet to fluent recitation and translation stages. He said, girls and women at the centre are given the opportunity to chose the areas of studies on different areas of jurisprudence.
“This is our contribution in helping the society to know what has come from almighty Allah, how to make use of it in real-life situation”, he said.
One of the founders of the centre some twenty-three years ago, Ramatoulie Sallah said even at her age, with grandchildren, she is still encouraged to take lessons and participate in the recitation and presentation of her assigned topics.
“we started about 1993 to 1994 to help female adults to learn their religion, be able to read, and understand what is in the Qur’an and be able to practice the commandments. This is inline with the first verse revealed to the Prophet, “Iqra”, meaning read, is a command to every person to make effort”, she said.
The Ummul Mumineen Centre runs concurrent with Sheikh Uthaymeen Quranic Memorisation School in Busumbala where children are accorded the opportunity to learn the teachings of Islam.

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