Fans pile blame on Coach Saintfiet for Angola defeat

EYEAFRICA TV: Bakau, The Gambia: Scorpions fans have blamed coach Tom Saintfiet’s game tactics to Gambia’s 1-0 home defeat by the Palancas Negras of Angola in the 2022 World Cup qualification round at the Independence Stadium on Friday.
Saintfiet’s Scorpions were given a 1-0 by the Angolan team which angered the fans, who started piling blame on him leading to them throwing stones on the police paramilitary officers who were on duty.
Lamin Sanneh, who traveled from Brikama to watch Scorpions Gambia was full of disappointment when the final whistle was blown and could not stop but blaming Saintfiet for his game formation. “The formation he used against his counterpart should not be used. We need a win in our home soil or at least a draw that will be better and that can gave us a chance or hope in our return leg.”
Ebrima Saidy also said the coach have to understand that the country is looking for a victory to be qualify to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar or to qualify for the AFCON for the first time in the country’s history. But he said the way the Coach is running the team it will be difficult for the Gambia to qualify.
In the Friday game, Angola’s number 6 player Wilson Castro scored the lone goal in the 35th minute. The Gambian side has had several goal scoring opportunities but failed to capitalise on them.
In the 53rd minute of the game, the Scorpions missed a clear goal opportunity that could have being converted into a fine equaliser.
Mariama Ceesay said the Scorpions are a good team that can bring something for the country and make us proud if they have a good coach that will not use defensive formation.
Kemo Jaiteh, also lamented on the poor tactics of the coach against Angola. He said majority of the football lovers came with the hope that Gambia will be victorious but all of a sudden it turned otherwise because of the 433 formation the coach used.

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