Famine bites hard after COVID-19 measures

EYEAFRICA TV: Kampala: UgandaParents in Tororo district are appealing to government to consider providing relief food to the population as famine bites hard.

Most families in the district can no longer look after their children, with many ending up with one meal a day.

The situation comes at a time after government’s directives to have children out of school, which has put some families under pressure. It is now a week since government directed closure of schools and higher institutions of learning. This was followed by a clampdown on public transport and those dealing in no food items.

Residents of Tororo district like most Ugandans rely on small scale businesses and are struggling as the partial lockdown aimed at preventing coronavirus begins to bite.

45-year-old Margaret Athieno has been running a shoe business to support her family. But without clients the business is no longer paying and her children are no longer feeding properly.

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