More than 30 people arrested at Saredebbo over Mosque construction mishap

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Police in Bansang have arrested more than thirty people,  including men, women and their suckling babies following a serious  figth among the community members over the construction of a community mosque.
Several people were injured in the fight including the Bansang police.   Saredebbo is in the Upper Fulladu district in Central River Region (CRR) South.
Sources say the village is divided into two groups over alkalorship, leading to indifference. Our source said one of the group said the Mosque will be constructed by one of their relatives who is living in Spain because he has already started buying materials including tiles, while the other group said they have sponsorship from the African Muslim Agency to build the mosque but will not use the other group’s money.
The group that said they have received sponsorship from the Africa Muslims Agency said they will have to demolish the old Mosque first before constructing a new one but the other group resisted against that, saying their family member have intended to build the Mosque and the other group refused.
The fight started among them when the when the other group started demolishing the Mosque.
The matter was reported to Bansang police station and officers were deployed to the community to keep the peace. While they police were securing one of the groups in the demolition of the old Mosque, the other group started throwing stones at them, injuring some people, including one of the police officers.
One of the  Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officers was also  attacked on a motor bike and was wounded.
Sources said police are still arresting more people, while the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) officers from Fatoto, Kaur, Yorobeli Kunda (YBK) and Mansakonko camps joined to assist in addressing the matter.  Sources say the community is divided by Alkalorship disagreement.

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