Several Christian youth arrested in Sandally land dispute

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Security sources have confirmed to Eye Africa TV that an unconfirmed number of Christian youth from Sandally; a suburb of Gunjur in Kombo South were arrested on Tuesday in connection to a land that they claim is their burial site.
Sources say some three years ago, the Christians buried one of their loved one there but the owner of the land ordered them to exhume the body but they refused.
West Coast Region, where the area is located is the most land problematic region in The Gambia. Some five years ago, fight broke between the people of Manduarr in Kombo Central and a Wollof tribe call “Fana Fana” following their demand for the Fana Fana community to vacate their land. The same year, similar dispute brke in Jidda Sukuta in Kombo East with both cases ending in court.
Our sources said in the Tuesday Sandally dispute, the Christian youth brought old women and children in the front line to avoid security arrest. “Unconfirmed number was arrested and they are currently at the Brikama Police Station,” our source added.
The source said the area the Christians wanted to use as a burial ground is own by someone who earlier dogged a borehole there for gardening. “They were given another land bigger than the previous one but they insisted that over their dead body they will not move.

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