Eye Africa TV Reaction on UDP Media Head

Eye Africa TV Reaction on UDP Media Head Eye Africa TV would like to make it’s position clear on the statement it recorded and published from United Democratic Party -UDP- Deputy leader Aji Yam Cham in connection to a claimed agreement coalition parties signed.
As interpreted by many media instirutions, Eye Africa TV never mentioned in its story that the parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
As media practitioners, we recorded Mrs. Secka at a function in Banjul where she provided material information which we published as recorded; nothing less, nothing more.
We there maintain our position that we haven’t published neither a confusing nor misleading article on Mrs. Cham’s statement. If there is any misled, then that is caused by the media house and other individuals who re broadcasted it by changing the subject to MoU instead of agreement.
Eyeafrica call on the UDP to go back to the story and the video published by eyeafrica read it with open minded an see if there is any change of words or others.

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