Extended fire season huge challenge to firefighting efforts: official

EYEAFRICA TV: Canberra, Australia: The extended fire season now is the biggest challenge to the firefighting efforts, said an official from Emergency Services Agency of Australia Capital Territory on Sunday as the bushfires continue to rampage and affected part areas in the region.

Georgeina Whelan, commissioner from the Emergency Services Agency of Australia Capital Territory, said during a press conference that firefighters are waiting for windows during when they can take a break before getting back to firefighting operations.

“Our biggest challenge now is the fact that this fire season will extend, we still have months of firefighting ahead of us. But I am optimistic about is that there will be gaps, there will be windows or opportunities for us to recover and get ready to continue with the firefighting that is needed,” said Whelan.

The bushfires grayed the sky above Canberra City due to the change of wind direction as of Saturday evening and had brought local residents physical sufferings, especially for those who have chronic respiratory disease.

“Well, it’s making very hard for people to breathe. People with asthma are having more problems. People are getting watery eyes, getting sore throats. It’s pretty bad,” said a local resident.

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