Ex-CRR governor insists police raid on Ndigal and his followers was only an executive order

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Former governor of Central River Region, Ganyi Touray has told the TRRC that all his actions on alleged mishandling on the people of Kerr Mot Hali was based on a government executive order he received.

Yunusa Ceesay, one of the followers of the self-proclaimed spiritual religious leader, Muhamadou Basirou Secka, alias Ndigal, and the Alkalo of Kerr Mot Hali this week appeared before the commission where they both mentioned Mr Touray’s name in a police intervention unit raid on the villagers, leading to many of them fleeing to Senegal.

The former governor told the commission that the police raid happened when the followers of Ndigal disagreed to open the village mosque, which he believed wasn’t fair to the minority who would want to exercise their daily religious duties.

Mr Touray however disapprove of having knowledge the people of Kerr Mot Hali being beaten or maltreated by personnel of the police intervention unit, saying that the arrests occurred because of their refusal to open the Mosque on an executive order.

Yunusa Ceesay explained the controversy of the Ndigal doctrine in his last week testimony, saying the man is a spiritual leader who receives revelation from Allah.

In a telecast video, followers of Ndigal alleged that they were tortured and maltreated by security personnel. The villagers also said they were arrested and taken to the regional capital, Janjangbureh.

Members of the Ndigal sect, a controversial group that replaced Muslims five daily prayers with Islamic songs known as Zikarr under the leadership of Muhamadou Basirou Secka said they have experienced hard times to the extent of going into exile in Senegal, where Ndigal himself died in 2007.

Serign Ndigal is believe by his followers to be gifted with spiritual strength to draw them close to Allah.

For former governor Touray, the Ndigal sect system was contradicting the Islamic religious principles by refusing to open the village mosque which is seen as a violation of human right and exercise of religious practice. He said that issue needed to be addressed with urgency.

He maintained that the arrest of the Ndigal followers was their own doing, insisting that he acted according to an executive order.

Written by Binta Ceesay

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