EU Pledges To reinforce Technical Assistance In The Gambia

The European Union (EU) is reinforcing its Technical Assistance to The Gambia, with an additional financial support of 550,000 Euro which is about 30 million Dalasi to support the Gambia Government’s efforts to tackle the covid-19 crisis.


It is also meant to address the main democratic transition challenges ahead in 2021 elections.

This move according to media release from the European Delegation in the Gambia on Monday, complements the donation of 9 million Euro valued around 500 million dalasi of Budget to the Gambia.


Ambassador Attila LAJOS, noted that the offer reflects the European Union constant attachment to democratic transition.


He anticipates the years 2020 and 2021 to be decisive for The Gambia during which the EU will be there in firm support to the country more details in this video


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