EU donates new equipment including ambulances to Gambia Red Cross Society

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA:- The European Union COVID-19 initiative project has on Thursday donated the Gambia Red Cross Society with new transport equipment meant to support responses in COVID-19 operations across the country.

The move is geared towards complementing the existing vibration of the Gambia red cross society in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The donated equipment includes two new ambulances, 2 pickups, 8 motor cycles and 60 bicycles.

Corrado Pampaloni, EU ambassador to The Gambia, said the move is part of the initiatives that EU intends to support the Gambia COVID-19 response plan.

“Today we are happy to see the arrival of all two fully equipped ambulances which will have a paramount role in the continued fight against Covid,” he said, adding, “But also for the upgrade of medical services in the country after the crises.”

He noted that the items will also build up the long term capacity of the Gambian Red Cross Society beyond the pandemic period to continue the important work volunteers are conducting daily.

The Red Cross Society is one of the key volunteering organization that is rendering unwavering support to the health ministry in terms of easy access to mobility in the fight against the virus.

As a result, its Secretary-General, Alasan Senghore said these new machines will go a long way in doubling their efforts towards humanitarian services.

However, with some existing factors undermining the efforts of medical officers in their shared values of eradicating the pandemic, Mr senghore added that the country should strengthen the preventive measures.

“We can see what is happening in other countries, in India for example and today we are very unfortunate that we have few cases of the Indian variant in this country and that alone is a warning sign in terms of how we need to strengthen our prevention but also our preparedness,” he said.

Although it’s evident that most hospitals in the rural communities are living with little or no standard medical facilities, the Red Cross Society is equipping its many branches across the country.

Despite the progress in that front, Mr Senghore said they are still facing some setbacks due to some transformational process the central level is undertaking.

“Now, we are consolidating at the central level because this is where policy directives are coming from the board to the management and then it goes from management interns of implementation going to the branches,” he said.

The second face, he continued, will be to strengthen the branch capacity “which we have started already to ensure that every region has a functioning branch office with the infrastructure and the required staff.”

The Gambia Red Cross Society has been noticeably recognized for its rapid support since the Gambia registered its first case in march 2020.

They provided continuous voluntary services including mass sensitization and burial services among other undertakings.

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