Ecowas demolition site officer warn soldiers to follow precautions during exercise

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: West African regional bloc, Ecowas vocal point officer and demolition site officer of Gambia Armed Forces demolition exercise of its ‘unserviceable’ stockpile of ammunition at the Palodi Range in North Bank Region has warned explosive specialists to be careful conducting the work, telling them that it may dangerously harm them if they fail to pay attention to the zone
Major Bubacarr Bah said the exercise is a continuation of what Ecowas started since 2017, following the new dispensation in The Gambia and subsequent recovery of large amounts of arms and ammunition and unstable ammunition in The Gambia.
The Gambia Armed Forces said the exercise is in line with the Convention on the Prohibition of the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of anti-personnel mines and on their destruction, informally known as the Ottawa Treaty, the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, which Gambia is a signatory to.
Some 29.5km North-East of the commercial town of Farafenni and 6.5km off the village of Balangharr, Major Bah said the Palodi range is surrounded by seven hills and that made it suitable to be a demolition area because it is the safest part.
This is the second time in two years for the military to announce destruction of ammunition from its arms inventory. In 2017, the army and the ECOWAS Military Intervention in the Gambia –ECOMIG- destroyed anti-personnel mines, and what they called, expired munitions.
Major Bah also explained to officers who accessible Palodi is to the main road, saying that was it was must suitable for the exercise.
The exercise showed the destruction of grenades, mortar shells, RPG 7 shells, and LPG 14mm shells.

Story written by Amadou Jallow

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