ECOMEC starts manufacturing building materials

EYEAFRICA TV: Brussels, Belgium: United Kingdom and Belgium-based equipment refurbishing factory, Ecomec said they have started manufacturing building materials in their move to finding solutions to plastic materials that pollute the environment. This factory has said that they are going to provide for markets because the raw materials are available.
The factory specialises in the buying and selling of used process and packaging machinery for the Confectionery Industry. It says it do not diversify into other areas which has enabled them to develop into one of the largest sources of quality stock machines specific to the industry.
It has dustbin project in Rwandan Kamonyi district, where the plastic and non-plastic trash like jerry cans, bottles, basins, and straws are thrown. ECOMEC picks them and used them according to their types and colors and they get delivered to the factory where ECOMEC uses them manufacturing other products.
Mutabazi Emmanuel Sabin, head of ECOMEC said even though they are still conducting research, plastics can produce other building materials like pavements.
“We take them and cook them, and after we mix them with the paints according to the colors we have got from the plastics and then we get pavements, terrazzo pavements for walls which avoid humidity and other things that we are still searching on,” Sabin said.
He said even though the market is not wide for this, the factory created jobs for some citizens, and these employees have said that it is financially profitable.
Mr Sabin said they are now looking for people who will need these materials on the market and providing for the market is possible. “We were on the level of persuading people that they would rather use available resources instead of using expensive materials, that they should use these materials that pollute the environment. Another thing is that the plastic materials are available because even in Nduba other dust decay but the plastics we need remain,” he said.
“I started working when I was still in high school, getting tickets to school was not easy and another thing is that being employed, and I managed to do a graduation party and I didn’t lack anything, I can get all I need like a girl and I can save 50 thousand,” Musasirwa Betty one of the ECOMEC officials said.
It has been a year since ECOMEC started producing materials in plastics where in the past 3years this dustbin in Kamonyi was only for the trash.

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