E-commerce companies in Africa using Black Friday to promote online shopping

EYEAFRICA TV: Lagos, Nigeria: As online shopping keeps gaining in popularity in many parts of Africa, the continent’s leading e-commerce platform Jumia says it plans to use its Black Friday campaign to increase its presence across the continent.
In Nigeria, its largest market, the firm has already kicked off its Black Friday drive, saying it hopes to attract a surge of new shoppers during the period.
Online shoppers like Aneta Felix have kept a close eye on the website since Jumia opened its Black Friday campaign, to find a good gift at a reasonable price for her friend.
“I was looking for to get a gift for a friend and it turns out that there was a shoe going for 13,000 there. When I looked it up on Jumia, it was about 3,000. I was blown away. So deals like that just makes people keep coming back,” said Aneta Felix, an online shopper.
For the next three weeks, online shoppers such as Felix will be able to take advantage of some of the best deals and massive discounts, as well as flash sales on a wide variety of products on the Jumia platform. The online giant said that more than 12,000 sellers will be listing and discounting over 10 million products on its platform during its Black Friday campaign.
“With Black Friday deals like this coupled with campaigns, with social media influence, a lot of people realize that it’s actually cheaper to shop online. Delivery fee anybody might complain of, is even just a fraction of what you would spend in transportation from your house to far off market. So yes, this Black Friday deals will enable more people [to] accept the culture of online shopping,” added Felix.
Some of the deals already seen are indeed mind-blowing. The discounts are quite massive, some of the top selling items come with a discount of over 80 percent.
Ayobami Martins, Jumia Head of Growth said the discounts are attracting the bricks and mortar shoppers to the online world, allowing them to experience the ease and time-saving benefits that come with e-commerce.
However, online shoppers in Nigeria said that in order for the e-commerce industry to truly take off in the country and in Africa in general, better and faster internet system is needed.
“I think the number can increase when the network system is good because the strength of the network is still pretty poor in Nigeria or in Africa. But I know that if it’s very good, I’m very sure people would shop online more than before,” said Adesewa Odusoga.
E-commerce is still very low in Africa where the retail business is still predominantly bricks and mortar. But the potential for growth is huge, with Internet penetration growing, cost of data gradually coming down, smartphone users going up and the increasing level of literacy. These are some of the potentials Africa online marketplaces like Jumia, Kilimall, Konga and others are leveraging on to increase e-commerce access on the continent.

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