Dr Badara Loum rates Mile 2 Central Prison Sanitary Condition at Zero Percent

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: A medical doctor who experienced extra judicial detention for seventy days have rated the sanitary condition of Gambia’s Mile 2 Central Prison at zero percent which he said have paved way for infection and transmission of diseases among inmates.

Testifying before the Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations Commission on Monday, Doctor Badara Loum said he was held in a cell measuring about 2 meters which was barely enough for his height for no reason.

He decried of the infestation of mosquitoes at the place making it impossible for him to sleep at night.

Concerning the aspect of personal hygiene, Dr Loum recalled that he was allowed to take shower only once every week.

“One thing also that had an impact on me was that basic medical care was almost not existent. There was a medic call Walf Kujabi who I think had any basic training in medicine at one point. He asked us to spell abscess for him. He turned around and asked me to spell Lucozade for him because he was writing a report so, I know that this guy could not have had any medical training and he was the person who was responsible for our health so, I thought that we are in big trouble.”

According to him, during the period of detention many of the inmates were malnourished with others manifesting advanced signs of tuberculosis, with few others mentally imbalanced.

He said none of the health conditions was a reason for separation of inmates which, he said opened the window of transmission among them in prison.

“I remember they once gave us rice laced with diesel and when I asked the guy in charge whether he has smelled the rice, he said oh! Yes; you know when we asked the driver to pick the food he also picked the diesel for our generator and some of it contaminated the rice but is not a problem. I remember one of the detainees telling me please, don’t complain about food too much here or you might put all of us in trouble. I said in that case, I rest my case. I thought that it is good for the people in charge to know what we are going through but that was not a popular sort of statement. So, I said okay maybe I will survive maybe I will not survive.”

Doctor Loum blamed former President Yahya Jammeh for his predicament. While in custody, he was denied the rights to visit from family or lawyers.

Written by Juldeh Njie

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