‘Disheartened’ Stadium management says ST has no contract with them

EYEAFRICA TV: Bakau, THE GAMBIA:- The management of Independence Stadium has argued that ST had no approval, agreement or contract with the stadium for the use of its facilities.

The famous Gambian Afromanding rap star, commonly known as Brikama boyo, is planning to launch his latest album dubbed “Dinding Mansa” at the Independence Stadium earlier next month.

“ST and one of his management team visited the stadium on the 14th January 2021 to discuss the use of the stadium for his album launching in which they were informed that all musical concerts and shows are no longer allowed in the main bowl,” the management said in a statement.

“Instead,  the   Bella   Arena   is   created   to   host   such   events   from   now   on.   On  the   15th January 2021, a formal request was received by the stadium management from the ST Management and they were given approval for the use of the Bella Arena.”

The management said it is “totally disheartening and flabbergasted” with the   false information and lies contained in the ST and his Management press release issued on the 28th January 2021 to media houses and social media in regards to the usage of the stadium facilities.

According to the stadium authority, the Kiss Daniel concert they are alluding to was given approval since 2019 “which we were bound to honour even though we tried as much as possible to stop them using themain bowl.”

“The stadium has invested immense resource to create and improve the Bella Arena and Event Organisers were invited for their inputs and advise to ensure the Arena meets the required standard.

“There have been many requests from other Gambian artist for the use of the main bowl and all of them were referred to the Bella Arena which is solely created for musical events. The Arena has the capacity and the standard to host any musical program or artist.”

As much as we all want to celebrate our Gambian musicians and artist for the immense strides and promotion of our music, the stadium will always be made available for them but at the Bella Arena including ST. His D30, 000 advance payment is still available for the   use   of   the   Bella   Arena   for   the   launching   of   his   album   if  he   completes   the   full payment.

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