Disbanding of fundraiser by Police disappoints 3 Years Jotna

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Spokesperson of the pressure group -3 Years Jotna- said they are disappointed and concern by the action of the police for disbanding their Friday planned fundraising event at Semega Janneh hall in Tallinding for not obtaining permit.
Hagi Suwaneh told the Eye Africa Good Morning programme on Monday that it was never a requirement to obtain police permit before holding a fundraising and why now; and for for 3 years jotna.
On Friday, police occupied the Semega Janneh hall and disbanded the pressure group from organising a fundraising event, saying they have failed to obtain a permit.

Yanks Darboe said Police simply wants to provoke the Operation 3 Years Jotna concerned citizens into reactions

One of its executive members, Yankuba Darboe branded the act as a classic example of stifling decent, saying the government simply wants to provoke the Operation 3 Years Jotna concerned citizens into reactions.
Mr Suwaneh said the event was organized to raise money for the pressure group to facilitate its movement and for the preparation of their January 20th protest.
According to Hagi the group was not aware that they needed to acquire a permit in order to hold the function, saying they have always requested for police permit for events larger than this.
“We did not apply for a permit because we deemed it not necessary. We were not going to block the traffic or cause disturbance,” he said.
He added that the group did not want to cause any trouble and that was why they obeyed the police without trying to find out whether their action was lawful or not, when they asked them to disperse.

The group is one of the most pressurising on President Adama Barrow, asking him to respect the three years campaign promise he and the Coalition 2016 parties made to Gambians and cede power for a fresh election.
Last month, they obtained police permit for a peaceful procession in exercise of their right to freedom of assembly and peaceful procession which they conducted from Siting corner in the outskirts of Old Jeshwang to Denton Bridge into the capital Banjul, where the government spokesperson received their petition paper on behalf of the president.
Story written by Binta Badjie

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