Diplomatic Passport Saga: Mai Fatty warns against the “sale” of National Documents

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Leader of The Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) has given stringent warning to Gambia government that it must be decisive in handling matters of important national documents, in the wake of the recent diplomatic passport saga that hit the country.
Mai Ahmad Fatty, who is former Minister of Interior posted on his Facebook on Wednesday, supporting the move to investigate the possession of the diplomatic passport by some ineligible persons.
He also reminded the government that it must be sensitive in handling the document. “We must act decisively against the trafficking of vital national documents, including birth certificates, ID cards, Drivers’ Licenses, etc, not only passports,” Mr. Fatty wrote.
Although this is not the first time Gambian officials are implicated in diplomatic passport scandal, the recent saga ensued after two staff of the Foreign Affairs Ministry were arrested by the police for their alleged involvement in providing diplomatic passports to individuals. Three of them are implicated in the saga but the third person had traveled outside of the country before the matter unfolded.
Several government officials, including a senior protocol officer at State House, immigration officers and a Nigerian national were later questioned by the police in connection to the sensitive national document.
The presidential adviser reminded government of its obligation to activate senses in the handling of all identity cards. “When we say there should be no sacred cows, we should mean it, and transparency is critical in the process. National documents are not for sale, or subject to abuse. As a country, we can do better,” Mr. Fatty further wrote.
The social media post which garnered hundreds of comments and over thirty shares after five hours, is a rare style of a politician in politically sensitive matters in the country.
Comments on the post included accusing the government of negligence while others snubbed at the post, saying when Gambians are ready to take the State House from President Barrow and his government, all of his inner circle will move along.

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